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  • Are there different types of hydrogen inhalers?
    There are three types of Hydrogen inhalers: "A. Hydrogen only", "B. Hydrogen + oxygen" "C. Hydrogen + air", Our inhaler falls under "A. Hydrogen only".
  • Is there a way to determine the performance of a hydrogen inhaler?
    What is important in terms of performance is the "purity ( or concentration) of the hydrogen generated" and the "amount of hydrogen generated", which can be confirmed and certified objectively from third-party organisations. Our machine has a concentration of 99.995% Hydrogen and is able to generate 150cc/min ± 5% fluctuation.
  • Do Hydrogen Inhalers need servicing?
    Hydrogen Inhalers use electrolysis to generate Hydrogen gas from distilled water. Eventually, the purity of the Hydrogen produced decreases due to corrosion. Our machine will display a message when it is time to have the machine serviced. At Yanagi, we are able to offer this service for £720. You simply send the machine back by registered delivery and we will take care of the rest.
  • "ppm" is sometimes used to indicate performance, but what does it mean?
    ppm indicates a ratio or proportion, in parts per million. 10,000ppm is equivalent to 1%. A product labelled with "600,000 ppm hydrogen" means that 60% of the gas generated is Hydrogen. Our machine is able to generate 995,000ppm, which is 99.995% pure Hydrogen.
  • Does the price of hydrogen inhalers correlate to better performance?
    When comparing hydrogen inhalers, many people seem to think that "the more expensive the better," or "the larger the device, the better.'" But this is not necessarily the case. Always check the performance and ease of use at home. Other important things to consider is warranty and after sales support.
  • Are hydrogen inhalers certified as a medical device?
    In the UK, as hydrogen inhalation is a new type of therapy, it is not yet considered a medical device, and therefore cannot be certified as such. Even so, it is important to ensure that the machine has UKCA or CE accreditation. At Yanagi, we have obtained both certification.
  • Is it easy to clean?
    No special cleaning is required, just drain the purified water inside the main unit and replace it with new purified water about once a month. Wipe the outside of the main unit with a damp cloth about once a month.
  • What about after-sales follow-up?
    At Yanagi, we are here to help our customers with any questions or issues they may have by phone or email.
  • Who should I contact if a problem occurs?
    Please let us know by phone or email. Most issues can be resolved, but if not, we will arrange for inspection and repair immediately if it is within the warranty period, and subject to standard warranty conditions. Outside of warranty we can still inspect and repair the machine, but the cost depends on the issue.
  • Can you use tap water?
    No, Hydrogen inhalers generate Hydrogen by electrolyzing H₂O. Tap water and mineral water contains other substances that can reduce the service life of the machine. In the event that you use any water other than distilled by mistake, stop the machine and drain the water out of the machine.
  • What is the role of filter?
    The deionisation filter, improves the electrolytic cell by efficiently adsorbing and removing ionic substances from distilled water in the water supply tank. Replace the filter when you receive the notification from the machine.
  • Is there any risk of emitting harmful substances such as ozone?
    Our Hydrogen inhaler does not emit ozone or chlorine.
  • What is the lifespan of the device?
    The electrolytic unit, which is the heart of the Hydrogen inhaler, has a lifespan of about 4,000 hours of use before the concentration of Hydrogen starts to decline. For example, if the machine is used for four hours everyday, the machine will need to be serviced in 1,000 days (approximately two years and nine months). This can be replaced as part of our servicing fee.
  • Inside of main unit is wet, is this normal?
    Yes, the main unit undergoes testing at the factory to ensure that it works within specification. As per the instruction manual please ensure that the main unit is filled with distilled water before first use, otherwise the main unit may malfunction.
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